Important Attributes to Consider When Choosing a Storage Facility

A storage unit is a great place to put keepsakes that no longer fit in your home. People all over the U.S. use storage for downsizing, decluttering, and even for business. Renting a storage unit can be risky depending on the service that is attached to it. Most of the time consumers do not have a real relationship with their storage service. They see them only once when signing up. Managed storage services can be a nightmare, however. Here are some steps you can take to protect yourself and your belongings.

Do Some Homework

Many consumers think of convenience when renting a storage unit and acquire one that is close to home. Choosing a storage unit requires a bit more research, however. Consumers need to glance at reviews and ratings before contacting any storage service. Start with friends and family first. They may already be using a storage service and can give you a recommendation. If no answers can be found there try the internet. A simple search like storage facility madison wi. will provide you with every available service in your area.

Next, look at pricing, hours of operation, and the size of their units. If you think you will be visiting the site frequently to fetch items then look into services open 24 hrs. Locate services that may have ongoing specials. Also, be sure you know the exact type of unit you need. All of these factors can not only save on price but link you to a reliable service that will protect your belongings.

Customer Service

The first warning sign to look for is customer service. If they seem disinterested, are rude, and do not answer straight questions walk away. Customer service should always be friendly, open, and willing to answer all questions.


The second warning sign is a dirty office. The office is the official face of the business. It should be dusted, organized, swept, wiped down, and the attached bathroom should be clean as well. A clean office is an indicator of a clean facility. If the office is cluttered, dirty, and unkempt one can guess the storage units will match.

Hands-On Management

A good sign to look for is a storage service with a hands-on manager. Managers should never be dismissive. They should always be willing to get knee-deep in any problems you may have. They should be outwardly professional, well-groomed, and friendly.


Reliable storage facilities have an ongoing contract with a pest control service. They spray regularly and ensure that no slimy surprises await their clientele. Roaches, moths, and rats can do detrimental damage to personal belongings in addition to begin icky.


Security is another good sign to look for in a reliable storage facility. Storage services should have cameras, alarms, electronic gates, and proper locks. They should also have a live-in manager with an apartment on site. This allows the facility to be monitored at all times.