Listen to Oil and Gas Podcast to Stay Informed on The Industry

The oil and gas industry is the biggest business sector in the world. Especially in terms of dollars this sector of business generates billions of dollars every year. The oil and gas industry are considered a global powerhouse and it employs thousands of people around the globe. The oil and gas industry also contribute a large amount to the national GDP. This industry is broken down into three key sectors and they are upstream, downstream, and mid-stream.

The search for underwater and underground natural gas fields, drilling exploration, and drilling into existing wells to search for gas and oil is known as upstream E&P.

The processing, transportation, and storing of natural oil and gas is known as mainstream E&P. There are three ways that mainstream E&P is carried out this is using tankers, pipelines, and trucking fleets.

When crude oil is refined, and natural gas is purified this is known as downstream E&P. The filtration of raw materials doing the upstream phase is what is the official definition of downstream E&P.

Where Do You Find Information About The Oil And Gas Industry

There are multiple different ways that people can learn information and this also applies to learning about the oil and gas industry. You can learn information from watching television, online, reading books and newspapers, With things like Oil and Gas Radio Show, and listening to podcasts. When it comes to the oil and gas industry radio shows and podcasts seem to be the most popular source that investors, entrepreneurs, and businessmen and women use to get their information. The oil and gas podcasts and radio shows have grown tremendously over the last 2 years. This is always because with the use of cell phones for everything podcast have been made accessible in all places.

A Few Notable Podcast and Radio Shows

There are many different radio shows and podcasts that are available for professionals to listen to. Here are a few “In the oil patch” this show is hosted by a San Antonio businesswoman by the name of Kym Baldo. Then you have ” El Petróleo es Nuestro: A History of Oil in Mexico” this podcast is hosted by the president Of Howard Energy Mexico Brandon Seale. The next podcast on the list is “Jazz de Mexico” This podcast is hosted by the owner of the consulting firm J. Canavatti & Co LLC. Another popular podcast is called “Oil & Gas This Week” this podcast is hosted by an entrepreneur out of Houston by the name of Mark LaCour. Lastly you have” The Global Energy Leaders Podcast” this show is hosted by an engineering firm’s chief executive officer by the name of Ryan Ray. The goal of all these podcasts is to inform the investors of any changes and updates in the industry. They keep professionals aware of what natural resources are a hot investment at the time and what natural resources would be a good investment for the long term.