Virtual Reality at Your Command

Virtual reality, or VR, is one of the most prominent field of research and development within the Information Technology industry. With promises to redefine what the human sensory organism is capable of experiencing, VR use cases are theoretically limitless. However, in order to tap into this theoretic limitlessness VR, as it is today, needs a lot of technical improvements. One of such improvements is Live Streaming. Within the realm of entertainment, VR is a center of focus. VR live streaming is being tackled by swaths of technology companies that want to offer their users the best in class visual displacement.

Picture what live streaming can do for Virtual reality can leave your mind in awe. Entertainment, gaming, education, travel, the list goes on and on. From the enticing to the incredibly boring to the heavily serious and everywhere in between.

Live stream Basketball or Soccer games into your headset to sit on the field with the players. But be aware, as you turn from the opponents goalie to the other team, The ball whizzes past the tip of your nose into the crowd behind you. Chasing the ball with your eyes, you see your neighbor in the Audience start laughing at your startled reaction! You and your neighbor, thousands of miles away from the couches that your sitting on, need to live streaming that event.

Live stream Call of Duty into your headset and prepare to be thrown into the midst of a missive multiplayer heated war. Getting 5 of your buds together you set out to conquer the battle field and get into a lobby. Live streaming the heat of battle happening on the map right now, you deploy to a desert island, sand gets in your field of view and you lose your friends in the storm. Once the storm settles, your team needs to be able to synchronize with your time and the enemy time. This become a possibility with the power of live streaming to VR.

Think about applying VR to education. Students will be able to attend class from anywhere in the world. A student will be sitting on her living room couch in Singapore while attending class in Harvard Boston. The standard for teaching will shift radically! Teacher will no longer be limited to the physical limits of their classroom sizes. Hundreds, thousands, and even millions of students will be able to tune into attend a class taught by the best teacher in the world and all sit up front, undisturbed by other students! All of these great promises all need the ability to transmit that classroom experience in the same framework as would have been in real life; live.

Travel to the Arctic Sentinels in Sweden after breakfast and return to Florence for a stroll by the river before lunch. The world does not stand still, and that is the spice of travel. For travel to be feasible, we have to re-create the current (visual) environment as it is there at this exact moment. Live streaming is the secret sauce to this environmental re-creation. Think of it from this end, how can two people claim to have been at the same place at the same time, yet not be exposed to the same environment?

This is just a taste of what is cooking up in the world of live streaming and VR. This monstrous flood of data needs to also be secure from malicious actors that want to pause your Presidents State of the Address or your Netflix Halloween horror extravaganza. Amazing that this tech already exists. Incredible that you haven’t tried it yet.