Why Should You Include Direct Mail Retargeting In Your Marketing Strategy?

Even though ad retargeting is quite sophisticated, it doesn’t achieve a high click-through rate as most people would expect. Nowadays consumers are more informed about digital marketing methods and as such have a low tolerance to such ads. Most of them will download an ad banner software the moment they notice a retargeting ad, which explains why they’re now over 198 million ad block users across the world. On that note, with such methods becoming less effective, what can you as a business owner in Ohio do to achieve more conversion? Go the old school way! That is, go where most business owners never go, and that is your prospect’s email inbox. Find out about that and the benefits of doing so below
Does direct mail work?

Yes, it does work and has even been proven to have a high ROI. According to statistics released by the Data & marketing association, there was a 43% increase in direct mail responses in 2016, a percentage that has increased significantly within the next two years. It’s however, vital to note that you should not rely on it alone. Combine it with other digital methods. For instance, when you send direct mail to a prospect who abandoned a shopping cart on your site ensure you add your URL so they can get back to it quickly.

It Is More Engaging And Helps Build Trust

We live in an era where almost everything is done online making ordinary things like receiving a tangible letter seem extraordinary. Furthermore, we as humans tend to believe more in something we can touch hence it also helps create trust between you and the client. The consumer will appreciate a nicely personalized postcard as we no longer get those anymore; thus they will see you’ve made the effort of going all the way to send a physical letter just to have them shop with you. Also, unlike digital remarketing methods, you can be sure that the direct mail reached the right recipient.

It Helps A Business Win Back Prodigal Shoppers

According to statistics, 97% of website visitors usually leave the site without purchasing anything. Most of them will even add products to the shopping cart and then leave. There are many reasons for this, maybe they just wanted to compare the prices with those of your competitors, they got distracted, or perhaps they were browsing when the boss walked by, forcing them to exit your site quickly. Whatever the reason, they were only a single click away from being your customers. Using the info they left on your site to send a direct mail makes them feel special and they are more likely to go back to your site and finish what they started using the URL on the postcard that you sent. To boost the chances of them coming back use an incentive, for instance, offer what they were shopping for at a discount or a coupon code.

Helps You Avoid Intense Digital Competition

With you and your competitors competing for that one prospect using the same old methods of remarketing such as banner ads, it can prove to be a crowded field. This makes things a little bit tougher and as such, turning it into a survival for the fittest type of environment, where you have to go the extra mile to remain afloat through direct mail retargeting ohio. Doing so not only enables you to personalize the interaction but also allows you to go to a place where most of them would never think of, and that is the customer’s mailbox! This not only enables you to win over more prospects but also helps you avoid the crowded digital marketing arena.

Direct mail retargeting is the new remarketing method. To most businesses, it seems old school and time intensive. And this is precisely why you should use it.